Experience in the use of Nomidol

This story shared with us, Jessica London. Will talk about the experience of the drug Nomidol the results of the treatment.

My experience is that the ointment you use Nomidol can be described as a very successful. But under the order.

It's hard to tell where you managed to infected mushroom. It is likely that this happened, the pool I visit twice a week. I have all the safety measures and the pool rubber Slippers. But don't rule out that they might forget the shoes, barefoot on the tile. The big, no matter where I met with the infection. The most unpleasant was waiting for me.

The first thing I noticed — excessive sweating of the feet. More to tickle your feet, but I didn't know what it is connected to. Then a few days after I started yellow the nail on the big toe. Then I realized that there is a fungus. Of course, I immediately abandoned pools the favorite and change the open toe sandals, closed shoes, although at the time it was hot. I immediately turned to the doctor. He prescribed the ointment. He prescribed me a drug is not used, the week did not bring results, change the appearance, not to look at. Itching, desquamation was also not passed.

Then I started self-treatment, began to look for information on the antifungal medicine, studied the experience in other cases of the disease. I decided on the cream Nomidol. Sales on the Internet, without a doctor's prescription, and I decided to order the product. In fact, the cost of the drug is pretty cheap, I bought Nomidol the price . The use of the drug does not cause difficulties: the cream enough to apply to the clean skin at the site of lesion fungal infection.

The experience is to use the cream Nomidol from London

The cream is very liked: nice, not greasy, smells good. After the first use I felt relief. Passed away the unbearable itching, excessive sweating. These symptoms are fungal diseases ceased to torment me. Then I saw that yellow nail gradually becomes normal color. After a month of use Nomidol Can I wear open shoes, back to normal life, to finally favorite subject in the pool.

In the future I'll be more careful in the pool. No longer allow yourself to walk without shoes have become regularly fungal prophylaxis cream Nomidol. As for the money, the situation proved right. I can tell you. It is an effective antifungal medicine. With a clear conscience recommend Nomidol who have met the mushrooms.